Zero Liquid Discharge Plants (ZLD)

Zero Liquid Discharge Plants

The best method to guarantee compliance with manufacturing specifications, as well as regulatory compliance is to use high quality Zero Liquid Discharge Plants (ZLD). Operations often find that one of the least expensive methods for reducing operating costs and environmental risk factors is to invest in an industrial water treatment system.

Today, environmental ecological factors are critical in industrial Zero Liquid Discharge Plants (ZLD) of all sizes. Quality industrial water filtration systems are important factors in both the efficient running of plant equipment and keeping tabs on the possible ecological impact that can occur when industrial waste water makes its way to public sewers. In urban areas, this same water from treatment facilities is transformed back into a drinkable source. A quality Zero Liquid Discharge Plants (ZLD) will limit damage to the environment and, at the same time, contribute to the smooth running of industrial machinery.

As technology continues to impact almost every manufacturing facility, the need for Zero Liquid Discharge Plants (ZLD) continues to increase. Industries including gas, oil, ceramics, plastics, metal, wood, paper and a slew of others all require a Zero Liquid Discharge Plants (ZLD) in one or more of their processes.

Applications requiring specific levels of water filtration include:

1 Cleaning
2 Processing
3 Chemical Dosing
4 Biological Treatments
5 On line monitoring
6 Waste removal
7 pH Correction etc.

Food industry applications are as numerous as they are varied. Any operation using chemicals requires very specific levels of acceptable water contaminants. An operations reliance on water quality is critical to ensure compliance with CPCB standards and corporate "green" initiatives.

Every operation knows the negative consequences and resulting damage that foul, viscous water has on mechanical equipment. In these situations high quality Zero Liquid Discharge Plants (ZLD) are a must.

Water for Industrial purposes requires a reliable filter control system. With an efficient flush process using either differential pressure or timer, the flush process can be controlled very accurately. Precautions are always at the forefront so that checks and indicators signal when there is any type of malfunction, either by the operator or equipment.

In most cases a water test is conducted to match filter size and type with the application. There are such a variety of industrial Zero Liquid Discharge Plants (ZLD) are available, that professional guidance is usually needed to identify the most appropriate combination of design factors for your specific application.

When parts become contaminated as dirty water comes in contact with heated surfaces, heat transfer devices and their associated parts. The efficiency of these systems becomes reduced, increasing costs as a result of slower operations and inferior product quality. Widely used in manufacturing water, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, refrigeration and air conditioning all a type of heat exchange system.

These Zero Liquid Discharge Plants (ZLD) plant options range from modest in price to customized and expensive. Some systems are known for their high efficiency and low water volume. A balance of low maintenance with ease of installation and reliability should be your goal.

Many systems now contain LCD monitors that continually keep track of all aspects of the process, even showing filter conditions and the last actual flush regardless of the schedule.

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