Industrial Ultra Filter System

Industrial Ultra Filter System

We at A3 Techno Crafts provide fully automated systems for filtration of surface or well water. Performance: 3 to 48 m3/h or 70 to 1100 m3/day plant.
Ultrafiltration allows in many cases the utilization of alternative raw water instead of precious tap water. The use of surface water or ETP water therefore saves cost and protects the environment.
With a wide range of optimized UF systems, we are a strong partner for you in all ultrafiltration applications.
We will be happy to support you on ultrafiltration solutions and discuss potential savings and ROI based on your project data.

 Very short payback period, usually <1 year through the use of alternative raw water (e.g surface water, soil or well water) instead of city water.
Ultrafiltration is an ideal supply for subsequent membrane technologies (RO or Nano filtration) other treatment methods (for process water, drinking water etc.)
Consistently high quality of the ultrafiltration water, independent of variations of the raw water quality
Very low operating costs due to high ultrafiltration recovery yield ( 90 – 95% of the raw water) and low energy consumption
Nearly chemical-free operation of the UF plant
Use of water with high dirt content possible by appropriate pre-treatment (flocculation / precipitation plus sand or disc filter system)

Fully automatic operation

Cyclic fully automatic backwash of UF membranes with ultrafiltration (backwash tank and pump are included in the system)
Convenient and powerful PLC control with touch screen, to control and monitor the system
No additional pump required: operation of the UF system with on-site water pressure (minimum 2.5 bar)

UF Series Ultrafiltration Range

Project specific systems or other capacity available on request.
Pre treatment of raw water by filtration is recommended.

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