Effluent Treatment Plants(ETP)

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)

We manufacture and supply effluent treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Common Effluent Treatment Plants &waste water treatment Plant and associated equipment and offer sophisticated and innovative solutions to purify Waste Water

Used all over India, our effluent treatment plants helps in solving the environmental pollution problem created by the waste material of a company without exposing the same to the environment.

The effluent treatment plants are designed to treat the effluent coming from different process of the plant. The treatment of different effluents varies with the type of effluent.

The industrial effluent treatment plants involve different stages of treatment including physio- chemical treatment and biological treatment followed by tertiary treatment. Integrated functions with simple control make the operation much easier. Our engineers can also custom design the effluent treatment plants based on the specific application requirement of the customers. Our Industrial effluent treatment plants have a compact design and can be easily installed on the site.


Our effluent treatment plant and system are based on the aerobic respiration method; it consists mainly of three stages: primary treatment, secondary bio-treatment, and tertiary treatment. The effluent water is passed through various processes such as chemical dosing, aeration, and settling. The final treatment is of filtration cum absorption, which takes place by filters. Finally, the processed water goes for advance treatment and we get usable water which can be used further for irrigation and other purposes.

Effluent Treatment Plants- Applications:

Plating & coating industry
Coolant treatment
Pickling industry
Paint booths
Food Industries
Manufacturing industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Chemical & paint manufacturing companies
Textile & dyes

Effluent Treatment Plant usage:

These effluent treatment plants are used for purifying waste material that is an industrial waste
These treatment plants help in solving environmental pollution issues without exposing same to open environment
These effluent treatment plants are known for saving energy and removing pollution effluent with economical operations and also meet stringent pollution control norms
These effluent treatment plants can treat effluent coming from different areas of plant

Treatment of Different Effluent Varieties:

These plants can be designed and developed to successfully handle the treatment demands of different working conditions like -

Oil Water Effluent Treatment:

These effluent treatment plants are designed to treat mainly water containing oil effluent
The oily water can come from different areas like Turbine building, Workshop, Transformer Area

Service Water Effluent Treatment:

This system allows treatment of effluents that contain turbidity and suspended solids
Here, service water washing effluents from different areas is commonly collected in a collection pit and pumped to flash mixer where chemical mixing takes place to begin the involved treatment process

Coal Handling Plant & Coal Storage Effluent Treatment:

The effluent generated from Coal handling plant and Coal storage area is collected and led through the involved treatment process that leads to decanted water pumped to central monitoring basin

Sludge Handling System:

Here, sludge collected from different clarifiers is pumped through sludge thickener and after completing of the process, supernatant recycled back to main clarifier


The success achieved by us is attributed to our perfect understanding of the processes involved in waste treatment and in-house capability to conduct studies and thus selecting best combinations of unit operations as provided in the systems to the customers. Some of the standard features of the systems include:

Operates on both aerobic and anaerobic process
Reduces BOD, COD, TSS in industrial effluents

Finds Application In:

Some of the industries who know us for performance include:

Cement industry Pesticide industry
Electroplating units Distilleries
Fermentation industry Glass industry
Rice mills Hotels and restaurants
Anodizing units Sugar industry
Pharmaceutical industry Petrochemical industry
Paint industry Ceramic industry
Textile Leather
Paper Food processing
Dairy Chemicals
Dyes and Intermediates Steel
Mining Power
Pharmaceutical & Bulk drugs Sugar
Distilleries Fertilizers
Ceramics Petrochemicals

ETP for Industrial Use

Our expertise also lies in successfully offering Heavy metal Removal & Recovery Systems. These are backed by latest technology support to handle the removal of large varieties of toxic metals present in water bodies like lead, cadmium, mercury, zinc and others. These systems also save humans from serious health risks that can caused by intake of these contaminants through water. The new methods and extensive research based solutions delivered by us assist us in detecting and eliminating toxic contaminants from wastewaters in an efficient as well as economical way.

There is large threat posed by discharge of toxic heavy metal like Copper, Chromium, Nickel, Lead into environment through many metal finishing operations like those followed in printed circuit board production shops. Here, our expertise lies in designing, installing and commissioning wastewater treatment facilities for effective removal of heavy metal contamination down to low limits.

Our Advantage:

Prior to installation, we conduct complete site survey that helps us to make necessary recommendations related to installation of -
- Flow restrictors
- Counter-current rinses
- Point-source ion exchange recovery
- Segregation of waste
Ensuring complete ease, reliability and economy of operations
Detailed manuals/operator training included in every project for ensuring optimum performance of Heavy Metal Removal and Recovery System
Complete compliance with environmental regulations
Wide usage of Heavy Metal Removal and Recovery System including deionization, softening, water recycling and heavy metal removal recovery from wastewater
All systems are fully automated with option of remote access
Each system custom designed for meeting application specific requirements and closely monitored post installation to ensure their meeting defined operational demands
Highly integrated systems that run continuously even at times of regeneration
All systems are top-of- the-line and feature faster installation with capability of multiple metal separations
Systems designed to assist industrial centers and laboratories to eliminate/reduce contents of heavy metals from wastewater

Can offer both precipitation and ion exchange based heavy metal removal systems.

Oil Removal System (ETP)

We are also leading names in the field of offering Oil Removal Systems. These are precision engineered solutions that allow sustainable and cost attractive management of oily water and guarantee no oil sheen. The oil removal systems can be delivered to achieve 1-15 ppm or less of oil in water discharge and are constructed from superior grade metal like carbon steel with epoxy and other suitable coating presence so as to ensure optimum functionality and service life standards.


Some of the standard features of these Oil Removal Systems include:

Sizes available from 5 to 45 GPM (can be customized)
Epoxy coated steel vessels
Centrifugal pump with SS housing provision
Both automatic and manual controls
Reliable RF point level switch


Some of the benefits provided by our systems include:

Customizable options
Complete - ready to operate finish
Reliable design & operation standards
Designed to deliver continuous and consistent performance
Self monitoring /self priming
Designed to withstands heavy vibration
Low operating costs
Advanced control provided through PLC/Hard Logic


The system involves services as surface skimming equipment and coalescing tank
Oil and water is made to flow through a floating suction in contaminated process tank
Here, floating oil is trapped by weirs in stainless steel separation tank
Trapped oil picked up by oil-attracting rotating drum
Water level set to allow drums to only remove oil and stop water/chemicals from dragging out
Oil wiped from surface of drum into separate waste vessel
Clean water is released into process tank for re-use

These systems have been successfully implemented at sites of many of our clients for end applications like:

Produced water treatment & recycling
Providing protection to reverse osmosis systems against possibility of oil fouling
Storm water/wash water treatment
Recycling of process cooling water and boiler condensate
Recycling, processing and treatment of oily wastewater

Key Features - Oil Removal Solutions:

Some key features of the offered oil removal solutions include:

Availability on wide range of flow capacities
Small footprint options
Low capital costs with highest offered oil removal efficiency available in the market
Least waste of any adsorbent/sludge
Easy to operate and maintain
Competitive operating costs
Modular configuration that is easy to fit in available spaces
Backed by superior engineering and technical support

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