Solid Waste Management

Waste (Wet garbage , green waste residue and sludge etc. ) can be treated using TEAM processto generate Bio-gas and convert residue into valuable compost without needs of pre-processing ( grinding, slurry etc, ) The technology is simple and can be implemented on a decentralized basis at an individual project lelvel or ULB level.

The TEAM process is a two stage process of acidification and methanations.


6 reactors for extraction of organices
Volatile fatty acids
HRT of 6 days
Digested waste is a very good manure


High rate methanaton reactor
HRT- 16h and COD reducton-90%
Treatment of high strangth leachate to produce bio gas (75%)
Granules of 5mm and SVI of 5 ml/g

Advantages of TEAM Process

Aesthetic design in all biogas plants
Low maintenance cost
High energy & enriched manure
Elimination of SCUM formation & odour free
Produces no slurry & needs very low water requirement
Suitable for small/ decentralized & mid size applications

Small Size Projects

50, 100, 250, 1000, 2000

Large Size Projects

5, 10-25, tons/day for large townships
MOC for Tanks / RCC