About us A3 Techno Crafts

A3 Techno Crafts as a company:

We, at A3 Techno Crafts Pvt. Ltd. is working towards creating awareness about waste water management and seek out the precise needs of clients and execute a plan to meet their needs with a solution that is carefully designed for flexibility, efficiency and operation. Reuse and Safety is at the forefront of thought and design, to bring to you a solution that will provide an efficient, hassle free and safe work environment for the user.

We deal in Water Management and Waste Water Treatment systems comprises of:

  • Membrane systems: Reverse Osmosis, Ultra/NANO Filtration, Sea Water Desalination
  • Resin Based Systems: Water Softeners, DM & Mixed Bed Ionizers, Color removal.
  • Flocculation and sedimentation systems: Filters for reduction of Turbidity, Iron, Organics, colors, Odor, fluoride etc. to reuse waste water based on process requirement of customers.
  • Waste Water Treatment and Recycle System; Sewage Treatment, Industrial effluent treatment, Sullage & Laundry treatment, Zero Liquid Discharge systems.
  • Water Chemicals: Antiscalant (Alkaline & Acidic), Membrane Cleaners (Alkaline & Acidic), Biocide (Isothiazolne& DBNPA), Cooling Tower Chemicals.