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A3 Techno Crafts as a company:

We, at A3 Techno Crafts Pvt. Ltd. is working towards creating awareness about waste water management and seek out the precise needs of clients and execute a plan to meet their needs with a solution that is carefully designed for flexibility, efficiency and operation. Reuse and Safety is at the forefront of thought and design, to bring to you a solution that will provide an efficient, hassle free and safe work environment for the user.

We deal in Water Management and Waste Water Treatment systems comprises of:

  • Membrane systems: Reverse Osmosis, Ultra/NANO Filtration, Sea Water Desalination
  • Resin Based Systems: Water Softeners, DM & Mixed Bed Ionizers, Color removal.
  • Flocculation and sedimentation systems: Filters for reduction of Turbidity, Iron, Organics, colors, Odor, fluoride etc. to reuse waste water based on process requirement of customers.
  • Waste Water Treatment and Recycle System; Sewage Treatment, Industrial effluent treatment, Sullage & Laundry treatment, Zero Liquid Discharge systems.
  • Water Chemicals: Antiscalant (Alkaline & Acidic), Membrane Cleaners (Alkaline & Acidic), Biocide (Isothiazolne& DBNPA), Cooling Tower Chemicals.

Our Products

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Real Time Effluent Monitoring Analysers

Real Time Effluent Monitoring Analysers

Large Capacity Drinking Water Station with RO

RO/UF Water based filtration units for corporate offices and multi location branches: These systemsare capable of proving online water

Effluent Treatment Plants(ETP)

We are offering to our clients Effluent Treatment Plants that are appreciated for having sturdy construction and high output.

Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

We provide Sewage Treatment Plant that are designed and manufactured using Activated Sludge Process (ASP) technology.



Retrofits / Technical Solutions

We supplement our O&M contracts with Retrofit assignments. Retrofitting solutions include:

  • Upgrading existing facilities with regards to capacity and quality parameters in order to reduce cost of operations.
  • Recommend/execute engineering changes to reduce energy bills. This is achieved by identifying suitable technology and recommending variable frequency drives, PLCs, etc. for pumping systems and AHU fan blowers.
  • Retrofit jobs are undertaken with assured benefits to the client. We have successfully completed Retrofit assignments in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Operations & Maintenance

We enter into contracts for Waste Water and Water Treatment plants. Besides our own, we also undertake assignments for projects executed by third party contractors. Our offerings include chemicals/bio-culture treatment, retrofit identification, and preventive maintenance, among others, with the ultimate aim to ensure smooth and trouble-free operation of the facilities.

Our service engineers are highly trained with strong interpersonal and communications skills required for such a demanding job.

Remote Monitoring / Analytics

Web Monitoring means that any plant’s data can be made accessible securely through the internet, which happens to be the biggest global network. In simple words it means that the Plant details can be viewed over a secure link 24×7, round the globe. No matter where you are, all you need is a PC/Laptop/Phone/Tablet to monitor your facilities. From highest to lowest level details of plant equipments can be made available. All acquired data is securely stored in our remote servers. For plants based on evolving technology, web monitoring is particularly helpful as one can do performance analysis of plant on regular basis.

All kinds of report generation, different kinds of details like equipment run times, energy consumptions, total output, parameter variation trends etc. would be done by Web Monitor. Special Dashboards for capturing higher level details for the top management are also available.

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